An ARTI Update

Over the last few months, we have been working hard to learn more about our members and what we can do for them to help them to be the best Certified Athletic Therapists they can be.

We’ve launched our Monthly Newsletter for ARTI members. March was the first of the monthly newsletter series designed especially for ARTI members. Articles, podcasts, videos, new products, promotions and ad hoc announcements will feature on these newsletters every month.

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Exciting Developments in the Athletic Therapy Profession

Athletic Rehabilitation Therapy Ireland are pleased to announce that the ARTI membership has overwhelmingly voted to change the name of our membership to Certified Athletic Therapists (CAT). A quorum was reached and 97% of voters agreed that the term Athletic Therapy will be now adopted to describe the profession of members of ARTI. Unlike other professional bodies, there is an entrance exam to ensure the high standard of skill, knowledge and proficiency of ARTI members. Continue reading