An ARTI Update

Over the last few months, we have been working hard to learn more about our members and what we can do for them to help them to be the best Certified Athletic Therapists they can be.

We’ve launched our Monthly Newsletter for ARTI members. March was the first of the monthly newsletter series designed especially for ARTI members. Articles, podcasts, videos, new products, promotions and ad hoc announcements will feature on these newsletters every month.

We’ve up-ed our social media game, we know you love social platforms so we’ve been posting more uniform content across all our channels. We’ve also extended our reach by setting up an ARTI LinkedIn page. Alongside this we set up a closed ARTI members group was also set up. This group was set up for CAT’s who are members of ARTI to build their professional online profiles & networks with guidance from a HR professional.

We’ve also been making improvements to the website. We’ve removed irrelevant miscellaneous advertising from the site. We’ve added new social links. We’ve fixed our Twitter feed so it’s showing current posts. We are also slowly updating locations of members for our Find Your Nearest CAT page. We’ve cleaned up different pages to make content easier to consume.

Owen Feeney AT is working on employment opportunities on behalf of ARTI. He is trying to secure work and CPD (Continuous Professional Development) opportunities for both CAT’s and where possible AT students.

We are building relationships with relevant industry providers to increase awareness and value of CATs. Now we have more course providers, and service providers working with us than ever before. We intend to continue to build on this month on month. We will also roll out access to these relationships in our monthly newsletter.

We continue to work to provide a platform for CAT’s to showcase themselves. We have seen members such as Kevin Feely going into DCU to talk to students about his experience and Saskia Schmiedel who went live on a podcast with a fellow CAT from the States.

We re-instated our 2 panels with the Sport Ireland Institute. The Sport Ireland Institute has been set-up to create an environment which influences, supports and ensures that talented Irish athletes will achieve sustained levels of excellence in elite sport. They coordinate a network of highly experienced, quality assured service providers to help support this high-performance environment ensuring that sports have access to the sports science and medicine sports that they need. Panels that may be of interest to ARTI members include; Athletic Therapy & Soft Tissue Therapy. CAT’s being on the panel means that carded athletes can be treated by athletic therapists for athletic therapy services or sports massage.

We continue to work on CORU, and insurance provider recognition too. Please be patient, we are working hard to put Athletic Rehabilitation Therapy on the map. We can only do this with your help! We are only the organisation we are today with the help of our members, we have achieved so much, and there are no signs of slowing down! 


Exciting Developments in the Athletic Therapy Profession

Athletic Rehabilitation Therapy Ireland are pleased to announce that the ARTI membership has overwhelmingly voted to change the name of our membership to Certified Athletic Therapists (CAT). A quorum was reached and 97% of voters agreed that the term Athletic Therapy will be now adopted to describe the profession of members of ARTI. Unlike other professional bodies, there is an entrance exam to ensure the high standard of skill, knowledge and proficiency of ARTI members. Continue reading

ARTI are proud members of the World Federation of Athletic Training and Therapy (WFATT)

ARTI are continued proud members of World Federation of Athletic Training and Therapy (WFATT). WFATT works to achieve international recognition for Athletic Therapy and Training as “an essential part of multidisciplinary healthcare teams”.

WFATT leads us in advancing the international interests of its members for the common goal of optimal health care for physically active populations. Continue reading

The SSE Airtricity Dublin City Marathon 2018 has been and gone!

The SSE Airtricity Dublin City Marathon 2018 was a great success!

This was an important year for ARTI as it was the first year Certified Athletic and Rehabilitation Therapists (ARTC) were involved in supporting the health and safety of the athletes taking part in the Dublin City Marathon. Both qualified and student ARTI members were invited to assist at the event. ARTCs were responsible for the provision Continue reading