ARTI are proud members of the World Federation of Athletic Training and Therapy (WFATT)

ARTI are now proud members of WFATT. WFATT works to achieve international recognition for Athletic Therapy and Training as “an essential part of multidisciplinary healthcare teams”.

WFATT leads us in advancing the international interests of its members for the common goal of optimal health care for physically active populations.

World Federation of Athletic Therapy and Training (WFATT) holds an annual World Congress to promote its vision, network and discuss new and upcoming research. Official representatives from all associated members attend and all members are encouraged to attend –

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The SSE Airtricity Dublin City Marathon 2018 has been and gone!

The SSE Airtricty Dublin City Marathon 2018 was a great success!

This was an important year for ARTI as it was the first year Certified Athletic and Rehabilitation Therapists (ARTC) were involved in supporting the health and safety of the athletes taking part in the Dublin City Marathon. Both qualified and student ARTI members were invited to assist at the event. ARTCs were responsible for the provision of emergency care and management of acute injuries and illnesses. In a great example of the importance and benefits of multi-disciplinary care, each ARTC was allocated a Medical Tent, where they treated casualties along with  a nurse and a medical doctor. During the event, they dealt with patients with issues such as hypothermia, cramps, psychogenic shock, exhaustion and many musculoskeletal injuries.

ARTCs proved to be a very successful addition to the Dublin City Marathon Medical Team. Owen Feeney ARTC who worked at the event thoroughly enjoyed the expierence and the coollaboartion with a multi-disciplinary medical team.

“Getting to interact with the other therapists and medical staff was a unique experience. It was very well organized and I hope to be a part of the event again next year”.

The student ARTI members involved in the event also gained great expierence. Kirsty Mc Ilwaine, a third year student of Dublin City University’s BSc in Athletic Therapy and Training remarked:

“I enjoyed the event. The exposure I got far outweighed the demanding nature of the work. It was a great environment to put our Emergency First Responder skills into practice which was very rewarding. It gave us a good insight into my future  role as a Certified Athletic and Rehabilitation Therapist.”

We look forward to this being an annual event for ARTCs moving forward. Thank you to Dr. May Tan, the Medical Director of the Dublin Marathon and the Race Series, and thanks to all ARTI representatives who attended.

Owen Feeney ARTC is up and running

This week ARTI is chatting to Owen Feeney ARTC, a recent graduate of the BSc in Athletic Therapy and Training programme in DCU. Owen set up his own clinic in January 2018, just a few months after graduating.

Owen is based in UrbanHealth, Ranelagh for the last 5 months. “The space is open plan and shared between various therapists and instructors, including myself. Equipment and gear is brought in prior to each session and is often shared which is helpful, especially when starting off. It helps to keep initial costs to a minimum.”

Owen treats a mixture of patients, many of them coming from teams he works with. “The majority of my clients are athletes from the teams I work with.  Time constraints mean I don’t get to treat everyone on match days. I also see individuals from gyms who often have issues from overuse, impeding their return to full activity. I treat office workers whose issues arise from a lack of activity or repetitive daily actions that cause them issues. The treatments are often quite different which makes it interesting and challenging.”

Owen shared some advice with us on important things to consider when setting up on your own. Owen believes the location of your clinic is key when considering setting up on your own. “Take your time making this decision as it will influence business. Thankfully for ARTCs, we don’t need a huge workspace and we can do a lot with a little when it comes to equipment.”

“One of the things I would never have considered before finishing college would be how to sell yourself and advertise as well. Be it social media, business cards or flyers you should consider how to advertise optimally”.

Planning is important but don’t give up at the first hurdle. “You will do things right and wrong and it will take time before you understand the business side of it.  I haven’t completed a business degree, so it will take time and research. Seeking advice from someone with a business or marketing background may really help. I was lucky enough to have such a person and honestly, I wouldn’t have thought about half of the things I needed without their help. It is ok to ask for help and ask for advice, you’re only fresh out of college, no one expects us to be the Bill Gates of the ARTC world so don’t put too much pressure on yourself.

Owen highlighted the importance of maintaining involvement in pitch side work.  “Getting involved with a sports team will help with spreading your name and building a client base.

Pitch side and clinic-based rely on the same body of knowledge yet are so vastly different.  Working in both environments, you learn that one compliments the other.  I think it would be best to think of one as an extension of the other.

Thanks to Owen for his time and advice. You can contact Owen directly on

0857315944 or, or on his website