Vicky Shilling talks with ARTI: How to start your own business in the health industry 

How to start your own business in the health industry 
Hi my name is Vicky Shilling and I am a coach helping entrepreneurs set up their own businesses in the wellness industry.
Originally working in the music industry for over 10 years, I moved into coaching after exploring my own health and relationship with food through my blog, The Flourishing Pantry.

I now run a series of wellness retreats for women, continue writing my award-winning blog and dedicate my time to helping others set up their health and wellness businesses by producing free online resources, running a supportive online community and offering online courses and 1:1 coaching.
Here are my 3 top tips for starting your own business in the world of health and wellness:
Find your niche 
In a busy online world where people have short attention spans, you’ll need to know exactly who your ideal clients are. What exactly are their pain-points and how are you going to help them? Speaking directly to a specific audience will help you connect more quickly than having a generic approach that speaks to no-one.
Build a community 
Once you have your niche, you’ll want to start building an audience of people who want and need what you’re offering. Talk to people – ask questions, offer advice (free!) and get involved in conversations and debates. This doesn’t just have to be online, it could be offline too. Events, collaborations and chances to make connections in real life (IRL) are really valuable and help people get to know you. Know, like and trust are the factors that all add up to paying clients.
Know your worth 
Believe in yourself and that you have something really valuable to add into the industry. It can feel very saturated and overwhelming, but trust me – people need to hear what you have to say! Your approach and experience is totally unique and will be really valued by people. Sometimes it’s the things that you think are obvious and easy, that are absolute gold dust to other people with less knowledge than you.
If you’d like more tips and resources, head to I also offer free trial coaching sessions to help you get clear on your goal and business idea. Visit my website to find out more and book yours now.

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