Hannah Tallon ARTC gets hands on

This week ARTI is chatting to Hannah Tallon ARTC, a recent graduate of the BSc in Athletic Therapy and Training programme in DCU. Hannah began working in her own clinic very soon after graduation.

Hannah is based in KLeisure Gym, Naas, Co.Kildare where she treats a variety of demographics, both athletic and general. “I’m really enjoying the challenge that is working on my own. It’s great to put the knowledge and practical skills to use as soon as you can after college. Certainly, it’s a learning curve for me. I love meeting new people and new problems daily. It keeps me interested and constantly learning”

Following her degree, Hannah completed a course in dry needling which she says is very effective and popular with clients. “Dry needling is a very effective drug-free pain relief to offer clients. In my experience, it can offer immediate and long-lasting relief. It’s definitely a good idea to build on the skills you learn in college.  It’s important to keep investing in your education.”

Hannah chose to work in a clinical setting because she enjoys the one-on-one encounter. “I enjoy the client-clinician dynamic and the work itself can be very rewarding.” Hannah agrees setting up on your own can be a daunting prospect but assures that it is worth it in so many ways. “Only a few months along in my career, I would advise anyone considering taking a similar route, to jump in with two feet and go for it. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. I’m grateful that I got the opportunity to give it a go at least.”

Hannah gave some advice on setting up your own clinic as a new graduate. Setting up in a gym is a good starting point for new graduates as it requires very little alteration before you get going. It will already have parking, toilets, changing rooms etc, not to mention footfall! Many of Hannah’s clients are gym members. “Not having to find clients allows me to focus on my work more.”

“At the start, you can be very excited about it all and take on a bit too much. Be aware that there is an adjustment period so allow yourself to get used to it before you give up on it.” It takes time to get into a routine. Rest becomes as important as work, otherwise, the standard of work will inevitably fall.

Hannah highlighted the importance of confidence early in your career. “It’s important to realize the skills you have when leaving college and take confidence in the practitioner you already are. You will always have a lot to learn and working on your own makes you learn that bit quicker – why not start now?”

Thanks to Hannah for giving her time to discuss her new clinic. You can contact Hannah on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/HTmusculoskeletaltherapy/ or book an appointment with her on 0894072263.

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