ARTI AGM took place on Tuesday 15th August 2017

The ARTI AGM was held last week and marks the beginning of another ARTI membership year. The AGM proved very successful, one of great innovation and positivity and thanks to all members that attended.  Following the AGM, there have been some changes made to the executive committee effective as and from Tuesday 15th August 2017. For this ARTI membership year 2017/18, the executive is as follows:

  • President – Mr Andrew Watson
  • Vice President – Mr Paul Berry
  • Secretary – Mr Richie Walsh
  • Assistant Secretary – Ms Hazel Cooney
  • PRO – Dr Siobhán O’Connor
  • Vice PRO – Ms Hannah Tallon
  • Treasurer – Mr Michael Donohoe
  • Vice Treasurer – Mr Tom Quinn
  • Executive Member – Mr Enda Whyte

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We’d like to thank the outgoing officers for their commitment, hard work and huge achievements during their term. We wish the newly elected committee good luck in this coming year.

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