Just A Minute with ARTI for July

Chris Dalton continues his ‘Just a Minute with ARTI’ this month with ARTI member Aoife Greene.

1. What is your name and current occupation?
Aoife Greene, ARTC, MSc Physiotherapy Manual Therapy, CYC Clinical Pilates and ETM at Drummond Clinic, Sports and Wellness specialists. Maidenhead, Berkshire, UK.

2. College background, courses done, talks you have gone to, and other educational topics you found helpful as an ARTC.
First Class Honours ATT DCU, Honours MSc PtMt University of Nottingham. Sports Massage, Kinesio Taping 1,2,3, CYC Clinical Pilates, Exercise to Music. I find it very helpful to include related fields in CPD development such as Nutrition, Sports Psychology, observing Ortho Surgery etc

3. Who has had the most impact on your career thus far? Mentor, lecturer, friend, etc?
Obviously the tremendous trio of DCU, Miriam Downey, Enda Whyte and Noel McCaffrey. Sue Guyer Clinical coordinator and Professor at Springfield College. Cliche but my parents too, couldn’t have afforded it all without them!
4.What is the most gruesome injury you have seen so far in your career?

It wasn’t so gruesome but when I worked with the Irish Ladies Ice Hockey , I had to lead a spine board off ice with a hand held board and non-English speaking EFR’s…an experience!…..Athlete was fine, soft tissue damage

5. In your opinion what is the most important factor in athlete rehab compliance?

Education. If they know why they are doing what they are doing and what affect it will have (or the consequences of not) I find they adhere a lot more. Little and often too.

6. Best tip you have for other ARTCs?

Hmmm, don’t be afraid to try new things I suppose. Its easy to get comfortable routinely doing what we know and are good at, but watching others work, ed videos, courses etc highlight what we don’t know and demonstrate new ways of achieving goals effectively and efficiently.

7.What is a must for you to have in your kit bag?

Knowledge. It’s not what you have its how you use it, and if you haven’t got something the initiative to improvise.

8. Who is your sporting hero?

I’ve been asked this question a few times and I don’t think I have one in particular!

9. Have you any aspirations to work/travel abroad?

I’m in England, does that count? Travel yes definitely. Central and South America then the rest of Europe. To work as an ARTC, nope I want to bring all I learn home and help built ATT in Ireland

10. Gaelic or Hurling?


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