David Moyes inspires ARTI member

He is without doubt the man of the moment in the sporting world, but as David Moyes prepares to take the reins at Manchester Utd where he has the task of trying to inspire some of Europe’s leading footballers, one prominent ARTI member recalls the influence the outgoing Everton manager has had on his own career.

Back 1999 Enda Whyte, who had just completed his physiotherapy degree in UCD, spent a week’s work experience with Preston North End where a young David Moyes was cutting his teeth as a manager.

It may have been a brief encounter with the man now facing one of the biggest challenges in sport, but it is certainly something that made an impression on the young student.

What really struck a chord with Enda during that time was the his first exposure to an approach to injuries and fitness that are central to the ARTI philosophy.

“When I became interested in physiotherapy, I suppose I was coming from the angle that you would primarily be treating injuries. However, the week in Preston really opened my eyes to the fact that there was much more to it.

“Because Preston was working off a very small budget, they didn’t have a big squad and as a result couldn’t afford to have player out injured”, explained Enda, who, somewhat unusually, is a Preston North End fan.

“Because of this, the physio team had to be proactive in limiting the chances of players getting injured and also concentrating on the rehabilitation of those who were injured. It meant that a lot of programmes had to be developed to strengthen players who were prone to particular injuries”, he continued.

It was very much a philosophy promoted by David Moyes, and an approach that Enda has embraced over the years.

“It is that type of thinking that is central to the ARTI values and it is great to see that approach really coming to the fore in Ireland at present. We are lucky that there are some many talented people promoting that approach to athletic therapy”, added Enda.

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