Just a Minute with ARTI

This week we are starting a new feature on our website called ‘Just a Minute with ARTI’.

Chris Dalton will conduct a number of short interviews with fellow members over the coming months to help people get to know each other.

We are starting with ARTI Vice President, Siobhan O’Connor.

What is your name and current occupation?

Siobhán O Connor. Lecturer on the BSc. in Sports Therapy with Rehabilitation in Athlone Institute of Technology. College background, courses done, talks you have gone to, and other educational topics you find helpful as an ARTC. Completed a BSc. in Athletic Therapy and Training and a MSc. in research on the “Development, validity and efficacy of self-recall training diaries in Gaelic footballers” in DCU. While undertaking my undergrad I completed a Diploma in Gym instruction and Aerobics instruction. I also completed a masters level Graduate Elements Training Course on “Advanced Quantitative Research Methods” and ““Postgraduate Tutor & Demonstrating”. I am currently doing a PhD on “The pre participation screening, epidemiology of injury and risk factors for injury in school aged and collegiate Gaelic footballers and hurlers.”

Most unusual injury you have treated?

I once saw a rodeo athlete who had shattered both his tibia and fibula and was still trying to hop on a bull to compete in the rodeo that day.

What is your ideal job?

The job I’m in now!

Best tip you have for other ARTCs?

I saw a tip on twitter recently that I thought was very apt, it said “you can’t go wrong if you do the simple things exceptionally well…leave the tricks and gimmicks to others”.

Who is your sporting idol?

Paul O Connell (Munster rugby player)

What is your favourite sport?

Hurling – it’s definitely the most fast paced and exciting sport to watch

Best place you have travelled to?

Banff in Canada.

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