International Congress is huge boost for ARTI

The decision by the World Federation of Athletic Therapy and Training World (WFATT) that ARTI will host the Congress in 2014 has been hailed as another indication of the esteem in which the Irish organisation is held by its global partners.

One of the driving forces behind the successful bid, Enda Whyte of DCU, has stated that it is a huge achievement for ARTI and once that will help them further enhance their reputation at home and abroad.

“This really is another step forward for us and it is great recognition for ARTI to be give the go-ahead to host such a prestigious event. This is a huge opportunity to promote ARTI both home and abroad.

“There is no doubt that as well as bringing some of the top sports professionals together for the weekend, it will be great publicity for us and a chance to let people know exactly what we are about”, explained Enda, who praised the efforts of Miriam Downey and Noel McCaffrey who put a lot of work into the successful bid.

The WFATT Congress was first held in 2001 with venues over the past number of years including, San Antonio, Canada, Tokyo and Edinburgh, and it is a sign of the strength of ARTI in Ireland that it not only had the confidence to bid for next year, but that it was deemed the best option.

“We have put in a lot of work over the past number of years to build up our profile and we felt we were in a strong position for bid for the Congress. We knew it would be tough because there are groups from places such as Japan, Korea, China, New Zealand and Australia, as well as Britain and Europe.

“However, in the end we were found to have the best proposal and it was a huge achievement for us to be chosen”, added Enda who explains that it will take a lot of hard work to organise the details of the Congress which is due to be held in September 2014.

“The provisional topic is ‘Sporting Hip and Groin’ and it is our aim to make this the premium sports medicine conference in Ireland next year. We aim to get a whole host of sports medicine professionals – international surgeons, athletic therapists and trainers, sports medicine physicians and physiotherapists – over to attend. The aim is to share information and knowledge on the best international practice in the management of sporting hip and groin, continued Enda.

The dates and venue for the two-day conference also have to be confirmed but it is expected that it will be held in DCU, and the work on putting together the guest speakers is already under way.

“It will require a big effort on our part to put it all together, particularly in terms of getting the right high profile speakers to be available to come on the same weekend. However, it is certainly a challenge that we are all looking forward to”, added Enda.

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