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The value of Athletic Therapy to sport and general health and wellbeing in Ireland cannot be overstated and another example of what the practitioners have to offer comes from therapist Eoin Everard.

The Kilkenny man is a keen advocate of Functional Movement Screening which fits into the ARTI approach of ‘prevention is better than cure’ and focuses on athletes having their body in the best possible condition to allow them to develop their skills.

Eoin, who came through the Athletic Therapy course in DCU before completing a Masters in Newscastle, first came across this approach during his placement in Montreal and was very impressed by it.

Basically, the approach involves looking at the movement of the body as a whole in order to correct problems and deal with injuries and to help understand it he puts forward a very simple analogy.

“The way I explain it to people is by saying that, if you have a hole in your roof and it rains, you have a problem of water on the floor. If you look at the problem as being the water on the ground, it can be easily fixed but as soon as it rains again then you have another problem.

“Obviously the key is to look at the cause of the problem so you have to fix the roof”, he added.

“It is the same with an injury or pain as you can’t just solve the obvious problem but instead you must look to what is causing it.

“That is basically what Functional Movement Screening is all about. It is taking a step back, looking that the big picture and then carrying out treatment on that basis”, added Eoin who works from his practice in Kilkenny called ‘Solutions: Physiotherapy and Athletic Therapy’

“I was very lucky in DCU to learn to look at the person as a whole and then when I went to Montreal I came across Functional Movement Screening. It made so much sense to me as an approach.

The benefit in the treatment of injuries is obvious, but the potential from the approach is huge when the approach is brought to the next level when adapted to help athletes further develop their skills.

Athletes and teams often forget about the importance of fundamental movement and this really is the starting point according to Eoin, who also lectures at Setanta College and LIT Tipperary.

“If you look at the requirements of an athlete as a pyramid, the base should be the full range of movement and on top of that you can build things like power, strength or any other attribute. At the top you have the sports specific skills.


The optimal performance pyramid.

“However, it is clear that you can be as skilled as you like but if you don’t have the correct strength or movement then you don’t have the foundations to develop your talent to the next level. Otherwise it is what is called, building fitness on dysfunction”, he added.

Eoin points out that FMS has great value for athletes in that it is something that can be done in pre-season and early analysis will help ensure there are not injury problems down the line.

It is an approach that is gaining in popularity with athletes and teams but Eoin is greatly encouraged that those who have tried this approach have seen the benefits both in the short term and long term.

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