ARTI celebrate link with leading publication

ARTI are celebrating another hugely significant milestone after it was confirmed that they have linked up with one of the world’s leading journals in the field of Athletic Therapy.

It was announced this week that the highly respected Journal of Athletic Training (JAT) has now become the official journal of Athletic Rehabilitation Therapy Ireland (ARTI) and this new and exciting partnership represents another major achievement for the organisation in Ireland.

This news means that ARTI has further cemented is place in being recognised by its peers worldwide and the link with JAT will allow them indentify and pursue new and exciting opportunities for international collaborations in research and practice.

The move will also allow members to access the acclaimed ‘Online Quiz Center’ in order to continue their professional development and education. In welcoming the news, Enda Whyte, ARTI Secretary and lecturer in Athletic Therapy at DCU, revealed that this was a very important step for the association.

“The Journal of Athletic Training is the official scientific publication in our discipline and it is great news that we have been recognised by such a massive organisation.

“A lot of organisations have their own publications to illustrate that they are on top of things in terms of research and development, and this is now the journal that will fulfil that role for ARTI.

“We in ARTI are excited about and grateful for our new relationship with JAT, ATEJ, and the NATA. We believe this will encourage members to keep up to date with developments in our common profession and the evidence base that underpins our practice.

“We will encourage our members to share their knowledge and research in this forum. We will have representatives at the upcoming NATA annual meetings in Las Vegas (2013) and Indianapolis (2014), and in the near future, we plan to submit a bid to host the WFATT Congress and return some of this hospitality”, Enda added.

“It is something that we had to work hard to achieve but it is definitely recognition for the efforts and progress we have made in recent years. It is a great step forward and something that will strengthen our international links”, explained Enda who is delighted that members will be able to access the Online Quiz Center.

“It will be of great benefit to ARTI members that they can gain access to the educational resources that will help in their professional development, and that view was echoed by ARTI President Paul Berry.

“The Quiz Center, which is primarily used by members of NATA to continue their certification requirements as dictated by the Board of Certification (BOC), has been given an improved functionality and modern, updated look. Users can filter the courses by many categories including level, domain and course format. As an added bonus, users can purchase quizzes and save them for future use.

“By partnering with NATA, members of ARTI will be able to take courses on NATA’s Online Quiz Center and use the completed and passed quizzes towards their own certification process. In addition, NATA’s Journal of Athletic Training has been designated as the official scientific publication of ARTI, which also offers online courses from NATA to supplement the continuing education of ARTI members”, he continued.

The move has also been welcomed by Craig R. Denegar, Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Athletic Training who praised the work currently being carried out by ARTI.

“This past summer, I had the privilege of visiting Dublin City University (DCU) and learning more about athletic training education and research there. This is an exciting time for athletic training in Ireland as an emerging health care profession.

“Against the backdrop of the rich sport culture of Ireland, ARTI will continue to grow and make important contributions to the profession of athletic training. I am hopeful that ARTI members will view JAT and the ATEJ as the preferred publications for their best work as they share the results of their research and teaching and learning initiatives”, he stated.

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